Introducing The PowerPlus Module

Make every lighting fixture a port to power smart devices and IoT connections.

We Can’t Predict the Future, We Can Help You Prepare For It

The PowerPlus module turns every light fixture into a port to power electronics, smart devices and IoT connections. Simple, flexible and efficient — just plug in, power up and get connected. From smart lighting sensors to asset tracking devices to WiFi hotspots and so much more, we help you power what’s possible.

Power For Today’s Devices & Tomorrow’s

Today, every commercial facility has different needs for communication, lighting and security. Tomorrow, who knows how those needs will change? That’s why the PowerPlus module gives you the flexibility to power a wide variety of today’s technology, and easily adapt to tomorrow’s needs.


Add WiFi to any fixture to easily create, expand and improve wireless coverage anywhere in your facility.


The PowerPlus module doesn’t just let you add power to your lighting fixtures, it powers your lighting fixtures as well.


Easily add security cameras throughout your facility. Monitor critical areas and eliminate blind spots.


Power standard outlets or smart outlets to give yourself unparalleled flexibility to install any corded electronics.

RFID Readers

Monitor assets, inventory, access and activity with RFID readers, easily powered by PowerPlus.

Asset Tracking

Create mesh networks over long-range Bluetooth or other protocols to track iBeacons and other technologies.

LTE Antennas

Power cellular communications and eliminate dead zones with LTE antennas.

P2P Bridges

Create network bridges between buildings or within large spaces with P2P wireless networking.

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PowerPlus Enabled Products

L7600P Series

LED Peaked Vaportite

Perfect for any industrial or commercial application where fixture is exposed to the elements.

Orbis by Mirus

LED Parking Round

Round shaped fixture with white acrylic lens for soft, glare-free illumination.

LEHB Series

LED High Bay

The ideal solution for industrial, commercial and other high bay applications.

Cut Labor Costs

Affordably add the PowerPlus module along with your lighting retrofit or installation, and every future change or addition becomes much more cost-effective.

Add Flexibility

Every facility’s needs change over time. New technologies are developed, operations change, and our technology needs change along with them. The PowerPlus module makes embracing that change much easier and more affordable.

Add Value

Whether you’re meeting the needs of a building’s tenants, or your own, the PowerPlus module makes your facility more attractive, and valuable to future tenants or buyers.

Quality & Trust Built In

The PowerPlus module is an FSC Lighting product, available throughout our range of LED lighting solutions. FSC Lighting has been delivering quality lighting since 1969. Our products are assembled at our facility in California. The PowerPlus module is one more way we’re helping our clients go Beyond Efficiency.